Pic 32:    Now it's starting to get fragile. The cannon ports are all fitted and hanging free. Some of these castings were diabolical and needed much reworking. The equivalent items from Galaxy's spare kit were - bigger. Terrific; thanks, Artesania!

The two little turrets were assembled off-ship and are now attached. If you want them to look vertical, you will need to angle their bases carefully so they match the slope of the deck. I hate exposed plywood, so I replaced the semi-circular ply tops with some of the wood supplied for the channels (after careful measurement to make sure there was enough!)

Also in place are some irritating bits called - umm - 'bitts'. It was some time before I realised they were upside down... however it cheered me up to see another finished kit on the internet in exactly the same condition! I eventually pulled them off and turned them the right way up.

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