Pic 47:    This temporary case, in my humble opinion, is vital and never mentioned in any instructions. Once you start getting deck fittings on, and later the masts etc, it will be increasingly hard to keep the model free from dust. I also have a cat, and I like to keep the model free from that too. Not that she would deliberately damage it, but a friendly rub could do untold damage.

I didn't make the final display case for this task, since it would be far too heavy and cumbersome to keep lifting on and off, not to mention the risk of serious damage if it slipped. Instead, this temporary case is made from old strips of wood, lashed together with gaffer (duct) tape, and braced with string for rigidity. The Wright Brothers would have been proud of it. It's then covered with cling film, sellotaped on, for easy, cheap, see-through protection from dust and friendly cats. And the clever part is that it's open at the back, so you don't even have to lift it over the model. In fact, when the masts are up, the ceiling would make this impossible. 

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