Pic 8:    Bulwarks, nice pieces of pre-cut ply that even have the cannon ports cut out. But be very careful exactly how you position them on the hull. They must be exact to the millimetre because they set the height of the cannon ports in relation to the deck. The tolerance at the stern is also very close. They also have to twist slightly if the finished shape of the hull is to be right. Although I followed the instructions exactly, I hit difficulties many months later because the rear ports were too high above the deck to allow the carriage-mounted guns to go through, whilst the front ports were a little low. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, followed by the unavoidable carriage height adjustments...! Hopefully you will have better luck.    

It's not obvious to the novice that the rear part of the keel (where you can see the bottom of the rubber band above) must be thinned considerably, so that the planks can later be sanded flush with the stern post. You can see in Pic 9 that I've taken one ply off each side.

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